About Us​

Welcome to The Embrace Media Africa

We are a branding and web development company that offers end-to-end solutions with a team of expert innovators.

Who Are We​ ?

Our company is a leading media organization in Kenya, boasting a team of African experts. Our services provide lasting solutions in communications, public relations, digital marketing, branding, and lead generation. Our team has a big-picture mindset and launches innovative ideas for every brand partner.

Our Mission​

Embrace’s mission is to provide a technology bridge that leads to prosperity in business for everyone from the solopreneur with big dreams to the household name large corporation.

What We Do

UI UX Design​
Website & App Development​
Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing​
eCommerce/Shopify Store​
Graphics Designs​
Media & Communication​
Tech Support​

Our 6-D Process​



Before any contract is signed, we collaborate with you to meticulously outline all design and development requirements for your digital product. We aim to ensure that you feel completely confident before proceeding with us and that we deliver everything you have requested, even what you may have yet to think to ask for. Together, we will prioritize the features and functionality crucial to bringing your idea to fruition and optimize your budget and timeline accordingly. This initial phase sets the foundation for the rest of the project.



Our team creates black-and-white visual guides to lay the foundation of your website or app. These wireframes, also known as low-fidelities, serve as blueprint concepts for every screen, function, and pop-up that must be considered for your app’s future development.



After wire-framing, we create high-quality, pixel-perfect mockups that bring your design blueprint to life, displaying every website or app screen. These mockups accurately represent how your website or app will appear to future users, allowing your vision to materialize fully.



We understand the importance of your input in designing your website/application. We will carefully consider your preferences during our regular meetings and approve each screen design. We will also define the logic between the screens, determining their placement and how data will be sent and received.



We make it happen at this stage by bringing your ideas to life one line of code at a time. We assign our most suited designers and developers to work on your project. Our agile team keeps you in the loop with regular updates and meetings throughout the development to review and access the product we are building together. We also test it once it’s completed.



While we implement incremental testing throughout programming, quality assurance is about perfecting your digital product for launch. We’ll run it through stress tests to confirm that everything works as intended and that all documented bugs are resolved. We’ll ensure your product works on all supported devices and is primed for launch to handle real-world usage from the get-go.

Why Choose Us?​

We are designers, digital marketers, and developers with a product mindset. We share our strong expertise in the IT world while offering innovative solutions that drive success for our clients.

Some Numbers​

“Numbers don’t lie.” See our Amazing Stats!








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We are constantly innovating within our industry and striving for excellence, which has led to our work being recognized internationally and locally. Our work has won various awards, including Digital Distinction Awards and Digi-Fit Awards Year.