Welcome to The Embrace Media Africa

Do you have any question about Embrace Media? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. if your question is not listed here then please contact us.

Who are we, and who are our clients?

We are Embrace Media, a company specializing in graphics design and custom software development. We build web and mobile applications for businesses of all sizes, including startups, agencies, and enterprise customers.


For startups and small businesses, we assist in building products from scratch. At the same time, for enterprise customers, we offer on-demand access to our developers, which saves them time and money.


What do we focus on?

We specialize in developing personalized software solutions, social media and digital marketing, and e-commerce, PR, and graphic design services for various industries.

Media Tech and Communication – 

We specialize in developing web and mobile applications to facilitate live and on-demand audio and video streaming.

The typical use cases include:

  • Telehealth solutions for remote healthcare
  • Audio apps like Clubhouse and Twitter spaces
  • Enhanced workplace communication to help teams work together and employees get things done.
  • Asynchronous communication for remote teams
  • Live streaming to social media platforms 
  • Social commerce
  • Video platforms for marketing and education
  • Complex video engineering workflows for news broadcasters and studios

Marketing Tech – 

Our company develops custom web and mobile applications for businesses, agencies, and digital marketers to solve their digital marketing challenges.

The typical use cases include:

  • Loyalty and rewards web and mobile apps platforms
  • Viral marketing and referral lead generation platform
  • Growth campaigns and cold mail marketing campaigns systems
  • Social media workflows and integrations with existing CRMs and CMS systems. 

Explore our Portfolio for information on our clients and completed projects. Our proven track record showcases our commitment to success.Where are all of the employees located?


How many team members do we have?

We are a team of over 25 technical members based in India with business functions in Kenya and across Africa, representing diverse languages, cultures, and professional backgrounds.

What are the benefits of working with Embrace Media?

  • Product Mindset – We prioritize user-centric designs, system thinking, and value delivery for faster go-to-market.
  • Focus– We specialize in SaaS, custom software, media tech, and marketing tech. We continuously improve to add more value to our customers. 
  • Founders-led approach– We, as founders, work closely with you to address problems and provide innovative solutions. 
  • Transparent pricing– We prioritize your needs and offer cost optimization. We are flexible in providing a complete breakdown of efforts at reasonable rates. Our sales team provides free rough estimations for your project. 
  • Full-service coverage– We offer end-to-end software development services, including product discovery, design, development, QA, DevOps, support, and maintenance for our clients. 
  • Process approach – We practice Agile development with bi-weekly sprints and weekly team catch-ups to review project progress. We work collaboratively with ongoing communication through Slack channels and Asana. Your critical inputs and feedback are valued to facilitate effective improvisation.

What happens when my project ends?

Your project’s intellectual property is secure with us. After project completion, we provide all deliverables, including design, code, documents, assets, and cloud infrastructure details. We offer post-project support to ensure your project’s success.

Who will own the source code?

After completing the project, you will own the intellectual property and source code. We can collaborate in your repository through a mutual contractual agreement.

As our client, you own the exclusive proprietary code and design rights implemented in your project.

How will my project be kept confidential?

Our team and resources who have signed a strict NDA with us can access your project.

What if I need to start a project without having an exact amount of work in hand?

We recommend using the Time and Material (T&M) engagement model, which allows flexible project planning and budget control for the most common challenge of scope management.

Our team is dedicated to helping you successfully launch your product, providing a 30-Day Bug Warranty and Maintenance Window and ongoing support as your app grows.

Will I have the same team working together from start to finish?

Yes, we try to maintain the same team throughout the project. We replace a team member with an equally qualified resource if any challenges arise.

How good are your developers?

  • Focus– We are a small team specializing in SaaS and custom projects. All of our engineers are experienced in our areas of expertise. 
  • Skills– Embrace Media prioritizes ongoing learning by providing comprehensive training, tests, and certifications to team members from the hiring process onwards.
  • Quality– Our team uses reliable and efficient technical stacks and frameworks.

Do you use contractors, or is everything in-house?

We generally use in-house employees but sometimes hire vetted contractors with experienced members to ensure quality deliverables.

Are your developers able to communicate effectively in English?

Our team works remotely and across multiple time zones, so intermediate written and spoken English is required. We assign a project manager or coordinator to each project to overcome language barriers and regional tone influences.

What services can you expect from us?

As technology partners, we work with startup founders, consult SMBs, and serve enterprise customers. Our software development services include but are not limited to:

  • Web Apps development – Developing web applications that perform exceptionally well at scale and speed.
  • Mobile application development – We can assist you in creating mobile applications for iOS and Android using hybrid or native technologies.
  • UI/UX Design – We offer comprehensive product design services for both new and existing software applications, covering the entire process from start to finish.

Can Embrace Media build my app from scratch?

Embrace Media has extensive experience developing web and mobile applications from scratch. Our team, led by project managers, provides end-to-end development solutions, including idea shaping and post-release support.

Embrace Media has already delivered projects based on existing solutions. Below are the services we can offer to enhance your app:

  • New feature development
  • Extension apps to newer platforms like desktop apps or mobile apps 
  • Application redesign
  • Adopting modern stack for the outdated or legacy technologies

Can Embrace Media complete a project started by other developers?

Our team is ready to assist you with their professional skills and experience in successful project launches. We prioritize understanding the situation and listening to the customer.

Can I have an exclusive dedicated team that works on my project?

Most enterprise customers opt for this model. We provide skilled team members to work with you, adopting your processes and tools. Most enterprise customers opt for this model. We provide skilled team members to work with you, adopting your processes and tools. Approaches.